Marius Brereton: „Wir schaffen das – We’ll Make It“, Lübeck: Sefa Verlag, 2021

Vanessa Agnew, Academy in Exile Council Member and Director of the Critical Thinking Program at Freie Universität Berlin, has released the children’s book “Wir schaffen das – We’ll make it” under the pen name Marius Brereton.

This is the story of a child fleeing with his toy elephant from a home that has been ravaged by war. The powerful lino print illustrations and the appropriately childlike tone convey a sense of hopefulness and defiant confidence that spur on the unusual pair of friends as they journey into the unknown: we’ll make it!

Translation: Kader Konuk, Ulrich Renz
Publisher‏:‎ Sefa Verlag (Sept. 2021)
Language‏:‎ German, English
Hardcover:‎ 54 pages
ISBN-10: 3945090806
ISBN-13:‎ 978-3945090800
Reading age:‎ 8 years and up
Dimensions:‎ 15.3 x 1.4 x 21.4 cm