I am not from Turkey. Can I still apply?

Yes. AiE accepts applications from all over the world.

I have not been very productive because of the threats I have faced and the interruptions to my life and my career. Will this negatively affect my application?

Applicants’ risk-status will be taken into consideration. You are also welcome to submit a letter stating the details of your career interruptions and other mitigating factors.

Will my application be held confidential?

Yes. AiE is committed to protecting the identity of its applicants and fellows.

I am currently the recipient of another fellowship. Can I still apply to AiE?

This depends. Please contact AiE to discuss the specifics of your case.

What happens when AiE fellowship funding runs out?

Fellows are encouraged to apply for positions and additional fellowships while supported by AiE. AiE will provide assistance and guidance but cannot guarantee a fellowship renewal.

Do I have to apply for asylum in Germany to apply for a fellowship?


What kind of visa will I get if I receive a fellowship from AiE?

This depends.

Will I receive health insurance?

Yes. Under German law, all fellows must be covered by health insurance.

Can I return to my home country while on fellowship?

Holding an AiE fellowship does not preclude traveling abroad. However, fellows are expected to be present at their host institution and to participate regularly in institutional life.
Fellows are also obligated to inform AiE if they will be absent for longer than two weeks. You may not hold a fellowship while living in your home country.

Can I bring my family members?


Does AiE provide housing?


Does AiE provide childcare?

No. However, some assistance may be provided in finding suitable childcare.

I am still in my home country and I don’t know when or how I will be able to leave. Can I still apply for a fellowship?

Yes. Awardees are given a period of three months during which to take up the fellowship in Germany.

I do not speak German. Can I still apply?

Yes. Most AiE fellows take German language classes.

My field is not listed. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. AiE concentrates on supporting scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and law.

My partner is also at risk. Can he/she also apply?


As a refugee, where can I find information about studying in Germany?

Please find more information here.