Gender Studies in Turkey (lead Prof. Dr. Gülay Toksöz, FU; language: Turkish)

This course was developed by four AiE fellows, Assistant Professor Dr. Ayşe Dayı, Dr. Ezgi Pınar, Assistant Professor Dr. Mehmet Şiray, Professor Dr. Gülay Toksöz, and AiE Director Professor Dr. Kader Konuk in collaboration with scholars from Turkey. 

This course is open to enrollment for university students around the world. Students begin by studying the history of the women’s movement in Turkey and go on to engage with a variety of topics in gender studies, including gender equality, women’s suffrage, LBTIQ+ rights, body politics, employment, sexuality, and political participation. Video podcasts, presentations, self-assessment tools, and other digital content were created specifically for this course. 

Students log into the course via the Moodle platform of the University of Duisburg-Essen. 

All course videos (in Turkish) can be accessed here.
For a bilingual trailer click here.

Course Modules

1. Feminism(s) and Women’s Studies (3 weeks)
2. Citizenship and Political Participation (2 weeks)
3. Gender and Labor (2 weeks)
4. Gender and Immigration (2 weeks)
5. Sexuality, Binary Gender System, and LGBTI+ Rights (1 week)
6. Heterosexual Female Sexuality in the Patriarchal System (1 week)
7. Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health (1 week)
8. Gender-based Violence (1 week)