Fixing What’s Broken

Exhibition at Apartment Project e.V.
14-21 January 2023
Regular hours 4–7 pm

Academy in Exile invites you to the exhibition “Fixing What’s Broken”, featuring the artists Liryc Dela Cruz, Kani Kamil, and Diren Demir. The exhibition marks the end of Academy in Exile’s 2022 artist-in-residence program, generously sponsored by the Allianz Foundation. We are happy to be working with the team of Apartment Project in Berlin Neukölln, where the artists will exhibit the projects that they have been working on during their tenure in Berlin from May-September this year. AiE team member, Çağan Duran, will present interview videos profiling the three artists.

With this exhibition, Academy in Exile facilitates a dialogue between the arts and sciences in exile. Recognizing that authoritarianism and forced displacement are no longer just local, temporary perturbations, the Fixing What’s Broken program demonstrates novel, constructive ways of addressing and interpreting forced displacement and its causes. The three artists in residence approach the theme in very different ways.

Kani Kamil shows “The Invisible Archivist”, a body of work that unveils the reflection of a hitherto hidden archive of video material collected by the woman archivist Runak.

Liryc Dela Cruz has worked on a video project exploring the topic of migrants’ desires for intimacy and physical closeness. He presents the prologue of his film-in-the-making, “Portrait of the Beasts”.

In the installation “Story of an Envelope”, Diren Demir uses the form of the ballot box to lend expression to the desires and frustrations of those who struggle to find a voice within crumbling democracies and dictatorships.